About PIHN


In meetings beginning in December 1994, administrators from 11 healthcare organizations geographically spread throughout the southern part of the state, joined together to begin discussing the concept of creating an integrated delivery network for Southern West Virginia. The impending emergence of managed care, and the gradual, but certain and necessary reformation of the healthcare system, led these executives to believe that the development of a vertically integrated delivery network would provide a forum for regional, strategic and population-based planning, community needs assessment, better problem solving, communication and access, and management of resources.

In essence, this network would serve to help initiate a more rational, logical approach to health services delivery and would strive to improve the health status of the population while assuring access to essential health services in the rural communities. In the context of the meetings to follow, the group named itself the Partners In Health Network, developed the following mission statement, and agreed to the common set of operating principles outlined in these pages:

Principles of Operation
CAP Brochure